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Game Designer


Who am I?

I'm a Unity Certified game developer from Argentina with passion for games as a medium and what can be achieved with them.

I have several years working on the game dev industry doing mobile and desktop games, game jams, dev tools, engine extensions, libraries in both Unity and Unreal.


In 2020 I started working for AconcaguaSF as a Senior Unity Lead. 

Partnered with PipeWorks we are currently working on a AAA CCG. 







Published Games/Work

Gloomy Eyes

September 01, 2018

Worked as a lead Unity developer in a VR shortfilm showcased in the Sundance Film Festival. I was in charge of composing all assets into Unity (3D models, Animations, Audio, Lighting and effects) to create a cohesive experience with the help of a talented team and the director's input.


Official Trailer

Unity highlight video for Sundance 2019 


Sílabas Lectoescritura

September 12, 2017

Educational video-game that helps kids learn how to separate words in syllables.

This game was made ad honorem in collaboration with a psychopedagogue to assist children with special needs in the process of relating images to words and further their understanding of the language.

April 01, 2018

Mind Control: An A.R. Experience companion app. Setting out to spread awareness about mental health, using a new era of comic book. Work made for Tal Creative (

The End GO!

May 07, 2018

The End Go! is free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game that simulates a global outbreak of a virus that turns humans into zombies. 

I worked on optimizing and giving the game a polished look adding game feel features (post-process, text effects for points and combos, lighting, etc). I worked on a team of 6 people and aided on performance improvements for mobile.

Time To: Climb

February 01, 2017

During February 2017 I fully developed the mobile game "Time To: Climb" for Fire Hazard Entertainment. As the lead Gameplay Programmer I was in charge of the entirety of the development and publishing. I also helped the team get involved with source control and agile development methodologies.

Gweep Gwop

May 27, 2017

During December 2016 I partially developed the mobile game "Gweep Gwop" for Fire Hazard Entertainment. I was in charge of final bug fixing and tweaks, implementing IAP (in app purchases) and Advertising. I was also in charge of the entire publishing process.

FullSail University's Final Project

July 01, 2016

During the last 5 months of my Game Development Bachelor of Science at FullSail University I helped develop "Elementum" as my Final Project for the degree. I was in charge of user input, AI, level design and source control among other things. I shared tasks, ideas, and solved problem in a team of 5.

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Certificates/Other work

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